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Film producer Artur Brauner, owner of CCC-Studios in Berlin-Spandau, consigned the entire archives of his production company, founded in 1946, for scientific analysis to the Deutsches Filmmuseum in December 1989. The archives contain over 4000 files of production documents.


This includes contracts, calculations, bills, correspondence (with distributors, directors, stars) and general business papers, furthermore promotion materials and newspaper clippings for almost all of the circa 250 cinematic productions by CCC-Films between 1946 and 2006. The archive also includes a large amount of script drafts, set and star photographs, costumes, props and technological devices from the studios.


Its primary records make the Artur-Brauner-Archive a unique resource for scientific research on post-war film in the Federal Republic of Germany. Everyday life on the set, distribution and contemporary reception can be researched, the influence of the stars is made clear. Internal communication of the company, e.g. with the employee organization, provides insight to the company structure of the CCC, one of the largest and most important production companies of the post-war era.


The CCC, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in September 2006, has contracted almost all the stars of popular cinema of the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. There are files, photographs and autographs by actors such as Heinz Rühmann, Maria Schell, O.W. Fischer, Cornelia Froboess, Peter Alexander, Freddy Quinn, Caterina Valente, Gert Fröbe, Klaus Kinski, Curd Jürgens and Romy Schneider. There are also documents concerning commercially successful directors such as Paul May, Geza von Cziffra or Harald Reinl and also directors such as Robert Siodmak and Fritz Lang, who had returned from emigration.


The archive is accessible on request.




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