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Collections and Estates


The collection activities of the Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF e.V. / Deutsches Filmmuseum aim at preserving estates and materials concerned with film as sources for scientific analysis and future generations. Furthermore our in-house collections provide a basis for the design and presentation of special exhibitions in Frankfurt or elsewhere. Through a topic-centered accumulation strategy, donations by private persons and companies, acquisitions, permanent loans and foreign records, the collection has seen constant growth in the past years. Our archives contain significant collections on different aspects and topics of film history and film production. Almost all collections are stored and analyzed in our new archive and visitor centre located in Frankfurt-Rödelheim, meeting modern standards and requirements while providing enough space for further expansion in the years to come.


With its estates, collections and permanent loans by ca. 80 filmmakers, the Deutsches Filminstitut / Deutsches Filmmuseum preserves important documents of film history, among others:


  • The corporate archives of Berlin production company X Filme Creative Pool
  • The corporate archives of Berlin producer Artur Brauner (CCC Film)
  • Archives of directors such as Volker Schlöndorff and Romuald Karmakar, the collection of producers such as Luggi Waldleitner,
  • Objects such as models, puppets, films and documents of Diehl Film, architectural sketches by Hans Poelzig and the letters of F. W. Murnau as well as Asta Nielsen,
  • The estates of costume designer Irms Pauli, of film architects Walter Reimann and Otto Hunte, of graphic designers Bruno Rehak and Erich Meerwald, of actors Paul Wegener, Curd Jürgens, Paul Kemp and actress Maria Schell, directors Kurt Hoffmann and Victor Vicas
  • The Peter Gauhe Collection of photos from early Fassbinder films,
  • The Graphic Collection containing 2.000 prints that focus on motives from the prehistory of film, as well as costume design and film architecture.
  • Further valuable designs for classic German silent films and works by film directors and fine artists