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f_films: female filmworkers in europe



In February 2001, the Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF started the project "f_films: female filmworkers in europe" with the support of the Department of Women and the Department of Culture in Frankfurt/Main. f_films views itself as a corrective and completion of traditional film research and history. The extensive and continous contribution of female directors, scriptwriter, producers and camera women to European cinema is documented and made visible in a comprehensive database including more than 4.000 titles. Many of these have been contributed by the participating women's film festivals. In this catalogue, the user will also find numerous biographies and synopses which are referring to non-European filmmakers. However, these references are not verified due to the massive extent of data.


While the women's film festivals continuously add new festival films to the database, the DIF's f_films-research concentrates especially on the female pioneers of the era of the silent movie and the young European cinema. Contrary to the works from the Seventies and Eighties, which made their way into film history under the label "Women's film", the works of the female silent movie-pioneers is researched by only a few film historians. This gap could be closed – at least for German silent film. The study "Filmpionierinnen in Deutschland" by Gabriele Hansch and Gerlinde Waz uses 700 filmographies to impressively prove that the history of the German film was not entirely written by men. Large parts of this study's results poured into f_films.


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