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Image Archive


The image archive contains circa 2,3 million photographs and slides from national and international productions. Besides pictures dating back to the very early years of film - including classics like Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS and Sergeij M. Eisenstein's BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN - the archive also contains photographs from current productions, such as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (2003) or David Fincher's ZODIAC (2007).


Image ArchiveThe comprehensive star portrait and postcard collection goes back until 1910 and includes many items featuring dedications and autographs. People interested in pictures of film sets, technology, studios, costumes, cinemas and film promotion will find a wide range of materials in our special collections.


Besides original promotional photographs for German silent films, the image archive contains a unique treasury of "prohibited" images and photographs, which had been refused publication by the censorship boards of the Weimar Republic. Films of the NS era are documented exceptionally well; however, this material is available only for scientific purposes.


Close contacts to distributors and publishers guarantee the constant growth of the collections, so that materials of the latest German and international productions are constantly added to the collections - often before their theatrical release. In particular, the collections of photographs for US productions shown in Germany after 1945 are almost complete, a fact that makes our image archive one of the top addresses for publishers, advertising agencies, television stations, magazines and newspapers.


Image ArchiveImage records are indexed and preserved in the archive. To guarantee the preservation of the valuable collection all records are stored according to contemporary standards in acid free materials inside our in-house cold storage.
The collections of the image archive are indexed in a database and accessible on request. Reproductions are available for a reasonable fee as either photo prints, slides or in a digital format.


Parts of the huge collection can also be accessed via the entries on people and films found on the filmportal.de on-line database.




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