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Our technical library contains the collections of the Deutsches Filminstitut and the Deutsches Filmmuseum. The library is open to the public since 1984 and based on the private libraries of the art and film historian Lotte H. Eisner, the collector Paul Sauerlaender, and Hanns Wilhelm Lavies, founder of the DIF. Through acquisitions of further collections and new national and international publications, the library ranks high among the most substantial technical film libraries in Germany.


It includes a unique collection of historical film books and pamphlets published since 1897, as well as materials from the pre-history of film.


LibraryThe library contains circa 80,000 publications on film history and theory, on people and institutions, on individual films, genres and subjects, on film economy and technology as well as related areas, also included are film novelizations and published scripts. The library collection also includes publications that have never been available on the literary market (so-called grey literature), such as supplementary materials for film festivals, exhibition catalogues or university publications. Many items are available on microfilm, including the complete back issues of "Film-Kurier" or the "History of Photography". Circa 140 current German and international film magazines, a unique collection of historical periodicals, as well as circa 6500 films available on VHS and DVD add to the collection of books.


LibraryAs a public library the collection is open to anyone interested in the field during our opening hours. Like most technical libraries, items are not available for lending or inter-library loans. To guarantee that the media and publications are constantly available, they are only accessible in the library reading room. Copy services are provided.


The associated video library can be used on site, due to copyright reasons it is not possible to lend out videos. There are five screens for viewing. For information on the films available you can browse our on-line catalogue or ask a member of our staff.




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