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Technology Archive


The technology archive contains a selection of objects used in the production and presentation of films. The collection occupies a storage space of more than 600 square metres and serves to illustrate the historical development of these technologies. It includes cameras and related accessories, such as dollies, lighting equipment, sound recording devices, special effect devices, copy machines, editing tables and film projectors, from amateur equipment to professional gear.


Technology ArchiveOne key aspect of the collection is the prehistory of film. It therefore contains many rare devices, such as laterna magicae, mutoscopes or zoetropes. The oldest device in the collection is a laterna magica from the 17th century, the oldest film camera dates back to 1897: a Cinematographe Lumière. Besides these devices technical documentations, such as instruction manuals, assembly guides, advertisements or replacement parts lists and manufacturer's catalogues are part of the collection.


Technology ArchiveThe camera collection showcases the development of the movie camera: from the wooden cameras used around the turn of the 20th century, represented by two rare Messter cameras from 1899 and 1900, classic silent film cameras to the large 35mm studio cameras of the 1950s. The collection contains a large part of the product range of film projector manufacturers Ernemann and Bauer, but also devices from the Soviet Union, the UK and France. Home cinema projectors document the development of cine film formats from the first 17,5mm projectors shortly after the turn of the 20th century until later 8mm and Super-8mm formats.


Technology ArchiveThe catalogue of the technology archive is indexed according to types of equipment and manufacturers. A great part of the collection is included in the "Ariel Cinematographica Register", a looseleaf publication concerned with film equipment edited by the Deutsches Filmmuseum and Peter Ariel.
A small, yet substantial part of the film technology collection is on display at the constant exhibition of the Deutsches Filmmuseum. A restorer is responsible for the preservation of all devices in the archive.


The technology archive can be visited on request.




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